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Dec 17th, 2017, 12:52pm
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   Emergency preparedness...are *you* prepared?
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   Author  Topic: Emergency preparedness...are *you* prepared?  (Read 43 times)


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Emergency preparedness...are *you* prepared?
« on: Dec 1st, 2017, 11:57pm »
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Once upon a time I was active on these boards.  Then things got hectic...and I ghosted.
So did my posts, apparently.
Well, since I’m currently living a nightmare where I have some down time, I figured I’d pop back in.  Seeing as how my original post disappeared, I’ll make a relatively quick one:
Whether it be a natural disaster or something man made, you can’t count on help to be there right away if you call.  A smart investment that will pay out immensely if ever needed is to have a 72 hour emergency kit in your home.
What to put in?  Basically, anything that *you* will need to keep you safe for a minimum of 72 hours.
Everybody’s needs are different, but there are common denominators:
—food and water.  Keep a couple of cases in your basement, along with food you and your family will eat.  I used to recommend camping or military IMPs and MREs, but have read too many accounts of kids refusing to eat the “yucky bag food”.  So see what kinds of long life foods your family will eat and store them.  Rotate them through your pantry on a regular basis.
—prescription medications.  Ideally you should have a week’s worth to float you through an incident.  
—over the counter medications.  Pain meds appropriate for your family make up; Gravol for nausea, Benadryl for allergies (two Benadryl equals one sleeping pill should the need arise); cold & cough medicine like NyQuil/DayQuil; laxatives for when someone needs to go, and Imodium for when someone needs to stop.  While at the drug store, grab some bandages, gauze, medical tape....or a pre made first aid kit.  Know how to use first aid supplies and don’t go above your skill level...leave the suture kit to those who know how to put in a nice stitch.
—flashlight and spare batteries, one for each person in the house.
—personal hygiene supplies....toilet paper, tissues, wipes, Purel.  Maybe the water has been cut off...search online now to learn your alternatives when flushing isn’t an option.
—personal sanity kits, one per person, tailored for that person.  If you’re without power for a few days, and you’re cooped up, distractions you enjoy may prevent fights.  Books, electronics that don’t need online access (powered by rechargeable batteries and a solar panel cell), cards, board games, colouring books...whatever will keep people busy and not at each other’s throats.
—warm blankets and such to bundle up and stay warm.  Don’t be the person that runs a generator inside and kills their family with the exhaust.  If you have a generator, know how to safely operate it.
—full tank of gas in the car.  You may need to relocate, and a tank riding on “E” won’t get you far.  While you’re at the car...chuck some thermal reflective blankets in the trunk, along with a folding shovel...heavy boots...candles.
—keep your phone charged.  Use texts instead of voice calls so as to not overload the system, which just might be on the point of crashing.
—if you have pets: food and water, medication, and hygiene supplies for them too.
Post any questions in this thread and I’ll answer when I can.
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